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QR Code special offer

QR Code special offer
QR Codes make you printed documents dynamic and allow you to create interactive online content for you prospects. In an increasingly crowded multichannel world you need to get people to respond to your communications, hyperlinks in emails are a great way to get prospects to your web content and can per personalised of course but often the emails are ignored or spammed out. Printed materials get a high level or recognition but until now have lacked the simplify of just clicking a link to get them online, but now QR Codes are changing all that, Smartphone can scan the barcodes and take the reader straight to page you want them to see, making offline advertising online in an instant. Alpha response can add QR codes to your next mailing and make them interactive, create pURLs and have landing pages that match your prospects or customers’ needs. It could be a pre-completed application or registration form or special offers specific to that individual. We have lots of ways to make this technology work for you so why not call or email now to get us to talk you about this game changing technology and making it work for you. Just another way we at alpha response are integrating marketing for you.