£200k investment opens door to £1m turnover for Alpha Response - Alpha Response

£200k investment opens door to £1m turnover for Alpha Response

£200k investment opens door to £1m turnover for Alpha Response

We have recently completed an invested program worth over £200,000 in new machinery, targeting growth up to £1 million turnover in the next three years.

We have also expanded our workforce with new members of the permanent team including apprentice Ashley Boroughs and data management and document creation operative Alex Preda.

Despite a challenging decade for the print and mail industry with the advent of digital marketing, we are confident of the role of direct mail as a marketing tool and have invested in the company’s continued growth.

Major investment means the print room in Permali Business Park is now home to an intelligent enclosing system worth £130,000, as well as several other new pieces of cutting-edge print technology.

John Orchard says: “The danger with forgetting the old ways of marketing, like print and mail, is finding that the new methods – email marketing, social media and so on – aren’t working for them as well as they might expect.

“That’s often when they come back to us.

“It’s easy to forget that this new way of marketing has only been with us for a decade or so and that print marketing still makes up an important element of the communications mix.

“And it’s important for us to adapt, too, so we’re using technology to develop our own specialism, which is in integrated marketing, using a mixture of digital and print.”

MD Craig Whiting said the next decade in business for Alpha Response was likely to see as much evolution as the previous decade.

He said: “We will have changed again by the time we get another 10 years down the track.

“There will still be a market for producing physical products but distribution will be a challenge, as the postal systems are likely to change.”

He added: “It’s been a tough few years. We’ve lost some competitors along the way but we’re still going strong and our flexibility is our biggest strength.”